Package org.semwebcentral.sweetrules.analyzer

Class Summary
SweetPDGBuilder Created on Nov 8, 2004 The predicate dependency graph builder TODO: Task: Change the object array representation to a "struct" based representation Details: A predicate with a sign is represented as a 2 element object array which is accessed internally.
SweetPDGNode Created on Nov 5, 2004 Represents a Predicate dependency graph node
SweetPredicate Created on Nov 5, 2004 Provides an abstraction of a predicate
SweetPredicateDependencyGraph Created on Nov 8, 2004
SweetPredicateStratifier Created on Nov 8, 2004 Produces a predicate stratification
SweetStratifiedPredicate Created on Nov 8, 2004 A predicate with a stratum number

Exception Summary
SweetPredicateStratificationNotDefinedException Created on Nov 9, 2004 Exception indicating that the given rulebase is not predicate stratifiable