Class SweetLogger

  extended byLogger
      extended byorg.semwebcentral.sweetrules.infrastructure.SweetLogger

public class SweetLogger
extends Logger

Sweet logger class which does configuration of the logger since every log4j.logger is instantiated with a call to this class, the initial configuration is always performed Extending from Logger allows other classes to invoke any method of the Logger on SweetLogger

Shashidhara K Ganjugunte, Dr. Benjamin Grosof, Dr. Said Tabet, Chitravanu Neogy
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Field Summary
private static java.lang.String logConfigFileName
Constructor Summary
private SweetLogger(java.lang.String className)
          Making the constructor private prevents anybody from calling it.
Method Summary
static Logger getLogger(java.lang.Class javaClass)
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Field Detail


private static java.lang.String logConfigFileName
Constructor Detail


private SweetLogger(java.lang.String className)
Making the constructor private prevents anybody from calling it. The constructor is written because the parent class has no default constructor

className -
Method Detail


public static Logger getLogger(java.lang.Class javaClass)