Package org.semwebcentral.sweetrules.infrastructure

Interface Summary
ISweetActionLauncher Created on Oct 26, 2004 The action launcher interface
ISweetCanonicalVersionNumber This is a generic interface to represent a version number Since it extends Comparable any implementation should implement compareTo
The component manager class to manage various components like inference engines, translator etc

Modified on: Aug 26, 2004, 4:44:32 PM
ISweetCompositeTranslator An interface for translators with additional facility to compose translators by cascading Invoking the translate method automatically performs cascading The extension from ISweetTranslator means that a composite translator can be "viewed" as a simple translator w.r.t the translate API as cascading is done automatically NB: The translation is using String objects for data
ISweetIEDescriptor An interface to describe an inference engine
ISweetIERepository This interface provides an abstraction of an inference engine TODO: 1) Enhance find by having criteria like KBs, their version etc.
ISweetInferenceEngine The interface of an inference engine which executes tasks like query answering, loading a kb etc
ISweetInferenceEngineTask An inference engine task based on Command design pattern
ISweetInvocationDescriptor This class is for setting options on a specific tool.
ISweetInvocationPreferences These preferences dictate tool level preferences.
ISweetKBDescriptor The fields of this class describe a knowledge base
ISweetKBMergeDescriptor Created on Oct 25, 2004 A descriptor for KB merging, specifies the sources and the target for the merge operation Note: The sources specified in the mergeDescriptor must be unique after merging and should not cause conflicts
ISweetKBMergeManager This class handles merging of multiple knowledges by expanding the INCLUDE directives
ISweetKBRepository An abstraction of a Knowledge base repository It maintains the list of known knowledge bases TODO: 1) remove KB 2) Handle KB preferences for inference engines, translation?
ISweetKRDescriptor The interface for a "Knowledge Representation descriptor" NB:
1) For now just a name is stored, can enhance it later with fields like preferredInferenceEngine etc If changed might need to change AbstractSweetKRDescriptor class also

2) For comparison only KRType is considered others need to be factored in later on
ISweetQueryResult This class provides an abstraction of a query result NOTE: Undefined in this class is in the sense of Well Founded semantics
ISweetTranslator A generic interface for translators to and from various Knowledge representation formats.
ISweetTranslatorDescriptor This is an interface which describes a translator TODO: 1) Handle preferences in a generic way through the preference header perhaps at the repository level. 2) Separate the Translator descriptor and the translation descriptor.
ISweetTranslatorRepository This is generic interface for storing the known translators and composing translations TODO: enhance this with 1) preferredTranslator - get / set - done, need to think about the case of composite translator 2) add with override 3) replace 4) remove

Class Summary
AbstractSweetCompositeTranslator This is an abstract class for composing translators.
AbstractSweetIEDescriptor An abstract class for the inference engine descriptor interface provides the default get/set methods TODO: 1) Support removal
AbstractSweetIERepository Abstract class for inference engine repository TODO:
(1) Make the matching of inference engines to deal with more than the name (2)
AbstractSweetInferenceEngine An abstract implementation of an inference engine
AbstractSweetKBDescriptor Abstract class for a Knowledgebase descriptor
AbstractSweetKBLoadTask This provides an abstraction of a load task
AbstractSweetKRDescriptor The Abstract Knowledge Representation descriptor class implementation with some simple constructors The abstract class promotes code reuse for the simple get/set and the constructors NB: For now just a name, type and version are stored, can enhance it later with fields like preferredInferenceEngine etc
AbstractSweetQueryResult Abstract class for the ISweetQueryResult interface
AbstractSweetTranslator An abstract implementation of ISweetTranslator interface providing some default get/set methods and constructor support for code reuse and extensibility.
AbstractSweetTranslatorDescriptor This is a simple abstract implementation of the ISweetTranslatorDescriptor class which provides simple APIs to get/set data and a simple constructor for purpose of easy extensibility and code reuse TODO: 1) Enhance the constructor capability
SweetCommandHandler Handles a single line of command TODO
1) For now only KRType is considered need to enhance later on with other fields
SweetComponentRepositoryManager Singleton class of repository manager TODO 1) Handle ISweetInvocationDescriptor/equivalent in searching esp. for translators 2) Enhance searching capability of the class
SweetCompositeTranslator This is an implementation of a composite translator which is returned by TranslatorRepository.
SweetCompositeTranslatorDescriptor Descriptor for the composite translator class
SweetConfigLoader The default configuration loader for SWEET
SweetDriver The main driver class file
SweetFileKBDescriptor The generalized KB descriptor provided by SWEET for Local files
SweetIEDescriptor Utility class provided by sweet mainly used for querying
SweetIEInferenceType A class to describe the different types inferencing that can be done
SweetIERepository The Sweet inference engine repository
SweetInvocationDescriptor Created on Nov 15, 2004 An implementation of the Invocation descriptor In this implementation only String option, value pairs are supported
SweetKBMergeDescriptor Created on Oct 25, 2004 Implementation of the KB merge descriptor
SweetKRDescriptor The generic KR descriptor provided by SWEET mainly used for querying
SweetLogger Sweet logger class which does configuration of the logger since every log4j.logger is instantiated with a call to this class, the initial configuration is always performed Extending from Logger allows other classes to invoke any method of the Logger on SweetLogger
SweetQueryResult A simple implementation of ISweetQueryResult
SweetTranslatorDescriptor A utility class mainly used for querying for the translators
SweetTranslatorRepository This is the implementation of ISweetTranslatorRepository interface TODO: 1) Think about implications of equals method for adding elements to to the hash set.
SweetVersionNumber This is a very simple initial implementation of a version number Since it extends Comparable any implementation should implement compareTo TODO: 1) Handle the incoming version number more intelligently both in ctor and set api
SweetWarner A class to handle all warnings
SweetWarning This class represents a warning object

Exception Summary
SweetCompositeException Created on Nov 18, 2004 A composite exception having multiple exceptions
SweetException The generic Sweet exception class.
SweetInferenceEngineException This exception class is specifically used by the inference engine component
SweetTranslatorException This exception class is specifically used by the Translator component