Package org.semwebcentral.sweetrules.ruleml

Class Summary
SweetActionLauncher Created on Oct 27, 2004 The implementation of the action launcher.
SweetAProcMethodSignature Created on Oct 28, 2004 The method signature of an AProc statement.
SweetDiffFacts Created on Oct 28, 2004 This class generates a diff of 2 fact bases
SweetEqualityChecker Created on Oct 30, 2004 A utility class to check if two elements in the RuleML object representation are equal in terms of their content.
SweetKBMergeManager Created on Oct 24, 2004 The merge manager implemented as part of SWEET with RuleML as common format
SweetRuleMLCourteousCompiler Created on Nov 15, 2004 A utility class to generate the courteous RuleML from a RuleML
SweetRuleMLDescriptor The RuleML descriptor
SweetRuleMLHelper Helper class to perform RuleML input/output
SweetRuleMLJaxbBridge Created on Nov 5, 2004 The RuleML serializer/deserializer
SweetRuleMLObjectModelProcessor Created on Oct 23, 2004 This is wrapper for the RuleML object model.