Package org.semwebcentral.sweetrules.sweetonto

Class Summary
SweetDLP BLOCK this class' main method for now
SweetDLPCompilerException This is an exception that gets thrown by the DLP compiler if it encounters something not in the DLP subset.
SweetLiteralWrapper This is wrapper for the Literal class of edu.unika...
SweetOWL2DLPCompilerTranslator This class is a utility class which given an OWL ontology translates to the DLP internal format.
Class representing the BRML to RuleML translation

Modified on: Aug 25, 2004, 2:10:12 PM
SweetOWL2RuleMLTranslatorDescriptor Created time: Sep-23-2004 15:47 Descritption : This class describes the OWL to RuleML translator TODO: 1) Handle option header
SweetOWL2SWRLXMLTranslator The OWL to SWRL XML Translator
SweetOWL2SWRLXMLTranslatorDescriptor This class describes the OWL to SWRLXML translator TODO: 1) Handle option header
SweetOWLDescriptor A descriptor for OWL Created time: Sep-23-2004 15:46 Title : SweetOWLDescriptor Descritption : The OWL descriptor
SweetPredicateExtensionWrapper The wrapper exclusively for use in translating the instance data (both class and property instances) to SWRL.
SweetPropertyObjectContainer Properties in OWL are referred to as (subject, object, predicate) This class stores the object part along with its datatype if any.
SweetRuleMLFacts2RDFTranslator Created on Oct 23, 2004 This translator translates the RuleML facts into RDF
SweetRuleMLFacts2RDFTranslatorDescriptor Created on Oct 23, 2004 The RuleML facts to RDF translator descriptor
SweetRuleWrapper This is a wrapper on the Rule class provided by edu.unika.
SweetSWRLAtomTypes This class has the static members denoting the SWRL Atom types
SweetVariableWrapper A wrapper for the Variable type to deal with SWRL datarangeAtom which requires data type for the variable.