SweetRules V2.0 Team

SweetRules is a cross-institutional effort, and the success of the project has been the result of dedicated work by many interested individuals, as listed below. We apologize for any omissions or mistakes in this table. Please send the corrections to bgrosof@mit.edu and chitro@sloan.mit.edu.

Name Institution Email Website
Core Team      

Benjamin Grosof : Project Lead

MIT bgrosof@mit.edu http://ebusiness.mit.edu/bgrosof
Mike Dean : Project Co-Lead BBN mdean@bbn.com http://www.daml.org/people/mdean/
Shashidhara Gunjagunte : Lead Implementer UMBC shashi@cs.umbc.edu http://cs.umbc.edu/~shashi1/
Chitro Neogy : Usability & Application Scenarios MIT chitro@sloan.mit.edu http://www.chitro.com
Said Tabet : RuleML MIT stabet@comcast.net http://www.saidtabet.com
Project Contributors
Dave Kolas : SWRL Built-ins BBN dkolas@bbn.com http://projects.semwebcentral.org/users/dkolas/
Mark Musen : Protege Rules Editor Project Lead Stanford musen@SMI.Stanford.EDU http://www.smi.stanford.edu/people/musen/index.html
Martin O'Connor : Protege Rules Editor Implementor Stanford moconnor@SMI.Stanford.EDU
Avi Bernstein : SweetPH Design and Implementation Univ. Of Zurich bernstein@ifi.unizh.ch http://www.ifi.unizh.ch/ddis/bernstein.0.html
Sumit Bhansali : SweetDeal Implementation MIT bhansali@MIT.EDU http://www.mit.edu/~bhansali
Other Collaborators
Tim Finin UMBC finin@cs.umbc.edu http://umbc.edu/~finin/
Anupam Joshi UMBC ajoshi@cs.umbc.edu  
Rudi Studer Univ. of Karlsruhe studer@aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de http://www.aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de/Personen/viewPersonenglish?id_db=57
Boris Motik Univ. of Karlsruhe motik@fzi.de http://www.fzi.de/wim/eng/mitarbeiter.php?id=75
R. Volz Univ. of Karlsruhe volz@fzi.de  
J. Bonin Univ. of Zurich    
Terry Poon Oracle tpoon@alum.mit.edu
Harold Boley NRC/UNB harold.boley@nrc.gc.ca http://www.dfki.uni-kl.de/~boley/
Hoi Chan IBM hychan@us.ibm.com  
Tom Copeland SWC tom@infoether.com  
Ryan Owens SWC ryan@infoether.com